I love easy food and these yummy salad recipes in a jar are a great way to take healthy food with you on the go. Or they can be stored for days in the fridge so you can make food ahead of time for work or healthy easy lunches at home.

I came up with these recipes because they store well in large 1L mason jars and can be made from ingredients found in your local grocery store. They’re all very different so I don’t get bored eating these even if I have all 5 in a row!

On to the salad recipes!

Big Mac

The Big Mac salad was inspired by the infamous burger. But I wanted something that was WAY healthier and contained WAY more veggies! Eating this really does taste like eating a burger in a bowl only you don’t have to feel badly about it!

Click here for the Big Mac salad recipe with the dressing recipe included.

Buffalo Ranch Chicken

I love spicy foods! I also love using leftover chicken in inventive ways! This salad has just a little kick and lots of creamy flavour. This salad takes a little planning to have leftovers from a previous chicken dinner. Or you can cook chicken especially with this salad in mind.

Click here for the Buffalo Ranch Chicken recipe with the dressing recipe included.

Kale and Bacon

I love creating new salads by combining flavours that you wouldn’t normally think of putting together. The sweet potato in this recipe combined with the bacon and the goat cheese and mayo dressing make for a lovely creamy pungent surprise in your mouth!

Click here for the Kale and Bacon salad recipe with the dressing recipe included.


Greek salad has always been a first choice for me. I love the tangy dressing combined with the salty feta cheese and olives and small sweet hits of tomato and pepper. This kind of salad always reminds me of summer because all of the ingredients are available in the garden at around the same time!

Click here for the Greek salad recipe with the dressing recipe included.

Taco Salad

Taco salad is a classic salad choice in my house. I have a dairy-free version of this recipe posted here. But for the purpose of keeping these salads for longer periods of time in jars I have used a different recipe that is just as tasty!

Click here for the Taco Salad recipe.

Add Your Own Salad Recipes To A Jar!

For the adventurous in the crowd who want to create their own salad in a jar here is a handy tool. It will help guide you on how to pack the items from your salad recipe into a jar.

Start by putting the dressing you’re using into the very bottom of the jar, then layer in any fruits or veggies, then beans, meat, or cheese, next add in your lettuce of choice, and lastly top with any nuts, seeds, or chips or other dry items.

Doing it this way means that all of the items will stay optimally crunchy for when you’re ready to eat your salad!