When I use to think about homeschooling I only thought about the academic side of things. I didn’t give much thought to why you should focus on character building. I didn’t even know what character building meant!

But, as I went along, I realized that the academic side of things is only a part of what you should be teaching your children. The great gift of homeschooling is that it gives you the time and space for building good character into your children.

People who come from a religious background may be more familiar with these terms since these concepts are talked about more in churches than in the park. But I think the world could use some more people of good character!

So, it doesn’t matter where you’ve heard the term or if you’ve never heard the term before! Building good character in our children is something we should all be working on, maybe even more so than academics. Especially in the early years!

Having a solid foundation in building good character will actually make the academic stuff much easier!

How Do I Do That?

This will look different for every family. For faith-based families your day will often start with reading from the Bible, which teaches countless good lessons about how to be a good human being.

For secular families you could begin a new routine of going around your table at breakfast and asking your children whose bucket they could fill with love that day. This could be an immediate family member, or someone out in the community. Perhaps an elderly neighbour could use a few freezer meals, or someone has recently had surgery and can’t get to cutting their lawn.

Making it a point to start each day from a place of gratitude and to humble yourself can be a powerful example to your children in helping them to build good character and morals.

It might seem like a small step but it has huge benefits!

How do you work on character building each day? Is this something you’d like to work into your daily schedule in the future?