Choosing what fabric you should use for your project can be hard! There are so many options out there and they’re all SO PRETTY!

Choosing the right fabric for your project can make your project successful. But, if you chose the wrong type of fabric, it can make your project look all wonky.

So, what is the difference between fabrics and which fabric is best for which type of project? Let explore!

Woven Cottons

Woven fabrics are made by weaving threads on a big loom. They can come in many thicknesses from quilting cottons, to upholstery weight fabric. Quilting cottons are great for quilting and can also be used to make clothing or items that do not need to stretch.

Things like dresses and handbags can be made from light weight woven fabrics. Heavier weight woven fabrics are mainly used for upholstery for furniture both indoor and outdoor.


Jersey or knit fabrics can be made from a variety of fiber types like, cotton, rayon, bamboo, and polyester. You would want to use a jersey fabric when making an item that you want a lot of stretch in.

Things like leggings, T-Shirts, and pajamas are often made from jersey fabrics since they stretch and are so comfortable! Baby clothes are very commonely made using jersey fabrics since they are so soft and move so easily.


Sheer fabrics are most often used in either drapery or in dress making. These fabrics are also woven but use synthetic fibers that are very small. They are woven so that you can see through the fabric when it’s finished.


Linen fabrics are also another type of woven fabric. Linen fabrics are great for making all sorts of things since they’re made from natural fibers. They take dye nicely and wear well if cared for properly.

Usually people use linen fabrics to make pants, dresses, in home decor, and sometimes to make hats!


Denim fabric is another cotton fabric that is woven. But is has the distinct characteristic of being very sturdy, and often blue! It can come in any colour of the rainbow though. Denim fabric is best used to make pants, bags, or used in upholstery.

I desperately want to reupholster my couch in white denim fabric. But that will have to wait!

Do you ever wonder what type of fabric would best suit your project? How do you pick between all of the different options that are out there?

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