…So That You Can Homeschool

Many families want to know the different ways to make money from home so that they can homeschool. It’s not always possible to live on just one income to make your homeschooling dreams come true. And for many people, earning money by doing meaningful work can be very fulfilling!

There are many ways you can earn money from home and many of them don’t require special equipment! Many of these jobs you can do without specialized training or a degree. If you have a degree or training of some kind then you can often easily transfer those skills into your work at home gig.

Let’s make some money from home!

Here are my top picks for work at home jobs that you can do to help contribute to your family’s financial wellbeing.

Teach English

If you have a bachelor’s degree in any field you can apply through various websites to teach English to people on the other side of the globe. These websites pay somewhere around $22 per hour for your time.

Usually, the hours are early mornings since the people you’ll be teaching are on the other side of the globe. But the number of hours you work is completely up to you! If you’d like part-time or full-time hours you can find a schedule that works for you!

Start a Blog or Website

This is my favourite option! Why? Because that’s part of what I do and I LOVE it!

Many people have no idea how bloggers make money online. There are many different ways they earn money:

  • affiliate sales
  • product sales
  • ad revenue
  • product reviews

If you have a knack for writing and like to share your story or information then blogging could be a good fit for you. It can easily be worked in around your life and will allow you loads of time to be with your kids!

The first step is to get a website hosting package to host your website. I use Siteground and have loved my experience with them over the years. Their customer service is excellent and fast. Whenever I’ve needed help with something I’ve always received a quick response.

Click here if you’d like to start your own blog or website!

Video Editing

This one might require a bit of self-teaching to get familiar with editing software. But if you have a passion for video editing and already do it for yourself and your friends and family, then the learning curve won’t be that steep!

Video editors can edit video for a broad range of customers. Everyone from YouTubers to your next-door neighbour needs their videos edited.

A great way to start is by offering up your services in local groups and see if anyone wants your services to edit their baby shower videos or birth announcements. Once you’ve built up a small portfolio then you can begin searching online for larger clientele.

Video editing can be done anytime around your other commitments since you would give clients a timeframe of when you’ll have their video complete instead of working by the hour.


Are you a financial planner, nutritionist, or counselor? You could leave your office job and offer your services online to people all over the world needing your advice!

There are lots of people out there who need some guidance in various areas of their lives and many people don’t have time to go into someone’s office to get the guidance they need. Thankfully, there is this amazing thing called The Internet that makes it much easier for people to get services from you!

You’ll need a basic website set-up so that your clients can find you and you’ll need to become active on social media to get your voice out there. But these things are easy to set-up and maintain on your own!

You could be a Skype call away from helping someone achieve great things and all from the comfort of your own home!

Online Business Management

Just like an in-person business manager takes care of the day to day things many business owners don’t have time to do, online business managers take care of those business management tasks that business owners don’t have time to do!

Do you a background in business management or have you worked in an office before? Do you have experience with the online aspects of running a business? This could be a good fit for you!

Some of the things that an online business manager will do includes:

  • social media management
  • bookkeeping
  • invoicing
  • appointment setting
  • travel planning
  • assisting real estate agents


Transcription is a great way to make money from home! You can work for a physician or lawyer in your area or apply to an online platform. Online platforms will give you jobs to do that come in from their clients.

Transcriptionists get paid per word or by audio hour and if you’re a fast typist you can make fairly good money from home in not a lot of time!

You can take college-level training in transcription or you can get started as an amateur and work your way up as your speed and accuracy increases.

Other Ideas

There are also so many other jobs you can do from home or operate from your home base that might use the skills you already have! Here is a list of additional ideas in case you needed more!

  • house cleaning
  • landscaping
  • personal shopping
  • sewing and alterations
  • childcare
  • woodworking
  • growing herbs and produce
  • dog grooming
  • car detailing

The list is endless! There are many ways to earn money that doesn’t have to involve a 9-5. The key is to have confidence and dedication in what you choose to do. The bonus is that you’ll be teaching your children these character traits as they watch you succeed!

Do you work from home? What would you do if you could work from home?