A lot of people wonder how I organize my week to be able to homeschool my kids, be the household CEO, run my own business, and cook real food. It’s no small task! It takes a lot of foresight and planning. But my biggest productivity hack is Task Batching.

Task Batching may not work for everyone’s lifestyle but this is what has helped me to be able to manage all of these tasks in the most efficient way without sacrificing time with my kids.

What is Task Batching and how does it apply to my daily life?

Task Batching is when you group similar tasks together in a block of time and do only those things. It’s like a factory, sort of, only more fun. In a factory, they have perfected productivity because they have one person doing one task at a time. This means that the person doing the task becomes very familiar with all of the steps within that task and doesn’t need to think about them very much. They get into a groove.

I first became familiar with this factory mentality when I starting sewing children’s slippers and selling them on Etsy and to stores. I streamlined my sewing tasks so that each step of the slipper making process was done together instead of sewing one pair at a time. Doing this saved time and materials since I didn’t need to switch thread as often.

For a long time, people thought that multi-tasking was the way to get a lot of things accomplished. We’re learning now that the opposite is actually true! When your mind has to constantly switch from task to task you waste time re-adjusting to each task. If you choose one task and complete only that task then you become more efficient because your mind doesn’t have to work to switch tasks.

Some things can be done together. I mean, you wouldn’t put a load of laundry in the washer and then sit in front of it and wait for it to finish. Instead, you would put a load in and then go and do something else.

So what do I DO then?

Instead of looking at the things I need to get done on a daily basis I look at what I need to get done on a weekly basis. This way I can work around my husband’s and children’s schedules to find where the large blocks of time are. Then I look at where the smaller blocks of time are. Each task is loosely assigned an allotted amount of time.

Step One

Make a list of all of the tasks you need to get done each week.

Step Two

Block out time on your calendar based on 1-hour intervals around the fixed things in your schedule like a partner’s work schedule or appointments.

Step Three

Look at your task list and start plugging in tasks starting with the larger tasks first using your largest blocks of time.

Here is an example list of tasks I need to complete this week and their approximate time to complete:

  • Batch cook meals. (4 hours)
  • Set-up homeschool materials for the month – photocopying, gathering materials. (1 hour)
  • Meal plan and grocery list. (1 hour)
  • Clean the house. (3 hours)
  • Work. (15 hours)
  • Vacuum van. (1 hour)
  • Make phone calls. (30 mins)
  • Brush dogs and clip nails. (30mins)
  • Plan next week’s schedule. (1 hour)

After you have your list of tasks take a look at your calendar to see where those blocks of time are and start inputting your tasks. If you have a collection of smaller tasks you can block off an hour to get your list of smaller tasks finished.

You’ll see that I do all of my cooking at once and then do all of my deep cleaning for the week at once. That way I only get the kitchen really dirty once, which means I only have to give it a deep clean once that week.

I do all of my deep cleaning once a week instead of a bunch of small tasks each day. That way I’ve got all my cleaning supplies out and on hand and I only get that gross I’ve Just Cleaned The Toilet feeling once.

It’s also very handy to know when a quiet block of time will be so that any phone calls can get made without a bunch of interruptions will happen. So having all of your information ready to make all of your calls beforehand is helpful.

Here is an example of what my week looks like on paper.

My husband’s work hours are blocked out in red and my work hours are blocked out in purple. To make the tasks I don’t enjoy, like cleaning, more fun I like to listen to Podcasts or music, or if the kids want to we listen to books on tape.

My work tasks are organized in the exact same way within my work blocks of time based on the different tasks I need to get done that week for work. If you’re interested in a post about that let me know!

To get your own free printable weekly schedule like the one I use fill out the form below and I’ll send it to you right away! I hope it helps you to organize your week so that you can enjoy those blocks of time where you don’t have anything scheduled!

How do you schedule your week? Do you find yourself feeling like you’re in a crazy tornado of a million small tasks each day? Try Task Batching to see if it makes a difference in how your household flow changes.

For more on how I stay organized using my notebook read this post!