I am so excited to be sharing this Solar System Unit Study Bundle I created with you! My kids love to explore new things all the time and they’ve recently had a lot of questions about what goes on OUT THERE – in the Universe. So I thought I would create something for them that would be engaging and fun!

In the Solar System Unit Study Bundle you will get the following activities:

  • Space ship colouring sheet.
  • Vocabulary Wordsearch.
  • Create your own solar system.
  • Planet Facts Cards.
  • Planets Memory Game.
  • Moon Phase Chart.
  • Make your own planets playdough recipe.

Planet Facts Cards

The facts cards I created give your child all sorts of facts about each planet. There is also an activity at the end that will amaze your child! If you want to further challenge your child have them arrange these Planet Facts Cards in the order that they appear in orbit!

Planets Memory Game

Kids love to play games so I decided to include this Planets Memory Game in the bundle! This game will help your child identify each planet and get more familiar with their names. All this while developing their memory skills!

Moon Phase Chart

The Universe can be a confusing place and that can’t be truer than when trying to explain how the moon orbits the Earth! This moon phase chart will help your child learn about the moon’s phases and learn the vocabulary that goes along with it. There is a game included in this section, too!

Create Your Own Solar System

Some kids do well by learning about things when they read about them. Other kids need to physically see things with their own eyes before the new knowledge sinks in. This Create Your Own Solar System activity will bring the planets and their position in orbit around the Sun to life! They’ll also be working on math skills at the same time!

Planets Playdough

This activity is great for the younger set! Or, if you have multiple ages doing this unit, you can set up little ones with this activity while you do the Create Your Own Solar System section with your older ones. Let your children’s creativity shine with this activity and see if they can mould the playdough into the planets!

Vocabulary Wordsearch

Wordsearches are always fun! I found this amazing website where you can create your own wordsearch using the words of your choice. You can even choose the difficulty level depending on the age of your child. I’ve created a few word searches for my kids as a fun way to tell them about an upcoming special event!

Spaceship Colouring Sheet

At the end of a day of learning it’s nice to unwind and do some colouring. This colouring sheet can be coloured with any of your child’s favourite colouring tools, or they could even use paint! Let them use their creativity and see what they create.

Have fun!

I know that you and your children will enjoy using this Solar System Unit Study Bundle!

People who have used the unit have this to say about it….

“I nanny for a smart little boy and we both loved this Solar System unit! It sparked his imagination and he asked to watch a launch and created his own art masterpiece!” -Jennifer

“We really enjoyed this unit. I loved that it was no fuss ready to print. It was engaging and easy to tailor to a wide variety of ages. It would work well as a supplement to any solar system curriculum, or a stand-alone activity that is sure to spark interested in the subject. Most importantly we had fun working through the activities in this bundle.” – Erin, Homeschooling Mother of 5


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