Snacks are in high demand over here! I like to use these make-ahead snacks in a jar to give to my kids over the course of a few days or a week so that I don’t have to prep them on the spot. I prep them during my bulk cooking sessions or in the morning if I don’t have any handy.

If you want to read more about my batch cooking sessions and how I fit them into my week check out this post!

I like that my oldest two can go to the fridge themselves and grab one of these snacks in a jar when its snack time! Or we can grab them to-go when we leave the house for the day.

The Method

These make ahead snacks are all about how they’re packaged. My minimalist heart likes that they are packed in glass jars that can be used for many different things, they’re cheap to replace or find replacement parts, and they’re non-toxic too! You can even buy silicone sleeves to protect them from if they’re dropped!

The trick to these is to re-use those little fruit cups that you can buy from the store. We don’t eat fruit cups so I asked around and found a bunch. After they’re washed they can be re-used many times!

I also like to pack salads this way and will do another post about this soon!

Here are our favourite blends!

Veggies and Hummus

I make a low-oil vegan version of hummus that is delicious! I put the hummus in the top section and then an assortment of their favourite veggies in the bottom. Hummus has lots of protein that will help young bodies grow and it keeps them fuller longer. Hopefully…

Here is the recipe!

Veggies and Ranch

Like the ranch dressing that I make from scratch. I have a recipe for the spice mix I use here. Just click on the little box that appears on the side and you’ll get it in your inbox! You can make the dressing using non-dairy yogurt, kefir, mayo, or whatever tickles your fancy!

Apples and Nut Butter

In this version I cut the apples into slices and toss them in a little lemon juice to keep them from browning. In the top section I put a few tablespoons of our Multi-Nut Butter in the top section for dipping. I usually use this snack jar on the day that I prep snacks just so that the apples don’t turn too brown and yucky.

Here is the link to the Multi-Nut Butter recipe!

Yogurt and Granola

This one can double as a make-ahead breakfast, too! The granola in the top section stays nice and crisp so that when it’s time to eat it tastes crispy and amazing! You can put which ever kind of yogurt you like in the bottom section. I use unsweetened plain yogurt and flavour it myself with frozen berries that we picked fresh while they were in season.

Grapes and Cheese

This one is pretty self-explanatory! I like that the cheese in the top section doesn’t get all slimy and gross from the grapes!

I plan ahead to get all of the ingredients for these snacks in a jar for my batch cooking days and prep them at that time. That way I’ve got most of my snacks prepped for the week and I can just grab and go!

My kids like to help prep and pack them, too!

How do you handle snacks in your house? Do you have a system you use?

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