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I’m so excited to be expanding on the homeschool printables that I offer to my readers! These printables will inspire your child’s desire to learn through active play. They can be used in a home or school-based setting.

  • This letter matching printable is great for pre-school and kindergarten children to help them recognize and learn letters. They will also improve finger dexterity while using the clothespins used in the activity. When you get the PDF make sure you print it at 100% in portrait, not landscape. You can print it onto cardstock or plain paper and then laminate it or use contact paper to make it last for a long time!
  • This counting printable will help your pre-school or kindergarten-aged child learn about the numbers 1-10 through exploration and play. They will also work on finger dexterity when they place the beads onto the stems of the flowers. Print this printable onto cardstock or plain paper and laminate it or use contact paper to make it last! Make sure you print this at 100% in portrait mode on your printer.
  • These traceable letter flashcards can be used to help children identify upper and lower case letters. Print this PDF in portrait at 100%. You can then laminate them or use contact paper to make them wipeable using a dry erase marker. Have your child trace the letters using the marker or ask them to place the letter next something they find the starts with that letter. These letter flashcards have beautiful soft rainbow colours that kids love!
  • Using this number matching printable your child will solidify their understanding of the numbers 1-10! Print this printable at 100% in portrait on your printer. You can then laminate it or use contact paper to make it durable. Glue the corresponding numbers onto clothespins for your child to pin onto the number wheel.
  • This game is great for inspiring your child's love of math! Have your child match the two sides of the rainbow to complete the equation. This item can easily be printed on a home printer and laminated to make it last for multiple children.
  • This sunny day upper and lower case letter matching game will help your child learn how to recognize and match the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet. The sunny colours will keep your child engaged! This item can be printed on a home computer and laminated so that it lasts for multiple children. It's great for use in a classroom setting as well!
  • These amazing letter cards have realistic images depicting real living animals that represent each letter of the alphabet. This printable can be printed on a home printer at 100%. Cut and trim the edges and then laminate them or use contact paper to protect them. Then your child can use a dry erase marker to practice their letters by tracing the letters on the cards. For an advanced activity have your child try their own letters on the lines at the bottom os the card. These would also make a lovely nursery decor addition by printing them onto heavier weight paper or having them professionally printed to hang on the wall.
  • This animal match memory game printable features realistic beautiful watercolor images of animals. Have your child use this memory game printable to enhance their memory skills by matching the cards to win! This printable can be printed on a home computer and either laminated or protected with contact paper to make it last for years!
  • If you're looking for a way to explore the Universe with your children then this Solar System Unit Study Bundle must be explored! In this bundle you will get:
    • vocabulary word search
    • make your own solar system
    • playdough activity
    • moon phase chart
    • space ship colouring page
    • facts cards
    • memory game
    Using these activities will introduce your child to the Solar System in a fun and interactive way! This unit is suitable for children aged 4-9 and requires parental assistance. People who have used the unit have this to say about it.... "I nanny for a smart little boy and we both loved this Solar System unit! It sparked his imagination and he asked to watch a launch and created his own art masterpiece!" -Jennifer "We really enjoyed this unit. I loved that it was no fuss ready to print. It was engaging and easy to tailor to a wide variety of ages. It would work well as a supplement to any solar system curriculum, or a stand-alone activity that is sure to spark interested in the subject. Most importantly we had fun working through the activities in this bundle." - Erin, Homeschooling Mother of 5  
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