There is nothing more refreshing in the summer heat than a cold drink! There are lots of choices out there, but I like to make these refreshing and natural cold summer drinks to quench my thirst once the heat hits.

Most of the ingredients for these drinks can be found in your local grocery store or can be foraged for in a nearby forest.

Watermelon Slushie

This is a super simple drink! All you need is watermelon and ice!

Add 2 cups cubed watermelon, 1 orange, and 1 cup ice to a blender. Blend until nearly smooth and then pour it into your favourite jar or cup and add a straw!

If you want to step up the flavour in this drink add a couple of fresh mint leaves before blending. The combination is crisp and refreshing!

Iced Hibiscus Tea

I love to drink hibiscus tea and so do my children! The pink colour is amazing and the flavour is a lovely combination of sweet and tart without it being too tart.

I make this tea in the summer a little bit more special by adding a few ingredients and chilling it in a glass pitcher in the fridge.

Brew 4 cups of hibiscus tea and steep the equivalent of 4 tea bags of dried hibiscus leaves in the water for 20 mins. Remove the bags from the tea. Then add 2 tbsp fresh local honey and stir until it dissolves.

Pour the mixture into the pitcher and chill for a few hours. I like to make this first thing in the morning on a hot summer day to be enjoyed in the afternoon after we come in from being outside.

Sumac Lemonade

Did you know that sumac is an edible plant!? Many cultures around the world use Red Staghorn Sumac dried in their cooking. Staghorn Sumac is widely available and grows wild in many areas.

The red berry-like blossoms taste very similar to lemon when they are steeped and made into a tea. Take the blossoms from the bush and submerge them in clean cold water to remove any debris.

Then add them to a bowl and pour enough hot water over them to cover. Wait 20 mins and then strain and store in a pitcher in the fridge.

Fruit Water

This is another very easy way to have a yummy drink without much effort! Simply add your choice of berries or fruits to a pitcher and cover with water. Allow it to sit in the fridge for 24 hours before enjoying so that the flavour of the fruit comes out into the water. You can even use frozen fruit if that’s all you have on hand!

I like that I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty giving these drinks to my kids! They love it when I make up a batch of any of the recipes for these refreshing and natural cold summer drinks!

My oldest likes to help me pick sumac off of the bushes to bring inside and my youngest likes to snack on the fruit I add to the fruit water!

What do you like to drink in the summertime? Do you have any recipes for some good cold natural summer drinks you can share?