It’s finally the time of year where we can be outside a lot. Where we are in the Canadian Maritimes its nice outdoor weather from about mid-April to mid-November.

I usually pack up half of my children’s toys at this time of the year. I love packing up their toys! Not because I’m a mean mom either. I don’t give them away or anything!

But, why? For a few reasons!

Renewed Excitement

If I put away half of the toys that are normally out during the warmer months then when we are stuck inside on a rainy day there is more that I can pull out of storage to play with that will feel new all over again!

Less Clutter

During the warmer months we want to be outside and on the go more often. Having fewer toys out where the kids can have full access means that there is less clutter to clean up at the end of the day. This also means there is more time to be outside!

We’re Outside

There’s no sense having a bunch of toys sitting on the floor or the shelf inside collecting dust when we will be outside anyway. Putting them away makes sense when we have the outdoors to explore and outdoor toys to play with instead.

How Do I Do It?

At the beginning of the warmer months, I ask the children which toys they would like to pack up and have them put them in a pile. They know I will rotate them back into play later so they aren’t sad that they’re being put away.

Then I look at all the toys that are left to make sure that there is a variety of the type of toys left out. I like to have a few different options out for the kids to get creative with.


The key in this type of arrangement is toy rotation. We do this at all times of the year and never have ALL the toys out at once. My kids are used to not having ALL the toys out. They find it exciting when we rotate the toys and get to rediscover toys they have seen for a while.

The warmer months are no different. It just means that more of the toys are put away at one time. I will keep rotating them as the weeks go by!

I find this technique helps keep me sane and allows me to enjoy those warmer months with less to do. My kids like to be outside playing a lot so why bother keeping the shelves stocked with toys!

Do you rotate toys on a regular basis? Do you pack away some toys once summer hits?