Where have I been!? You might have been wondering this yourself over the last 6 weeks. In this October Update, I’ll share with you where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to!

Something Is Different…

If you’ve been to my website recently you’ll notice that it’s changed quite a bit! I spent hours of time giving it a refresh with a new layout, fonts, and logo. Do you like it? I’m a big fan of streamlining and simplifying and I think the look of my new website fulfills these things.

It began in August when I was having issues with the theme I was previously using. It wouldn’t let me make posts or edit old ones. Which is sort of my bread and butter! So the issue needed to be resolved quickly! I had to teach myself a new way to make websites using a different theme. It was challenging and my eyes are all bugged out from staring a screen, but I figured it out and am proud of the outcome!

I love that I got excellent support from my hosting company Siteground while I was working out the kinks. If you’re in the market for a hosting company to make your own website try them, they’re amazing!

I Miss YOU!

Not posting has felt very strange! I miss connecting with you guys and sharing what’s going on here at Janine’s Place. In this October Update, I thought I would share a few photos of what we’ve been up to while I’ve been working away on the redesign.

The Good and the Beautiful

We’ve been working away on our Botany Unit from The Good and the Beautiful. The kids have loved the hands-on nature of the unit and they love to learn about plants. We started seeds in bags and taped them to the window to see how the seed sprouts and grows, it was so cool!


I harvested so many herbs from the garden this year to dry. I hung up to dry some rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano, and tarragon. If you’d like to see all of the things I planted in my culinary and tea gardens click the links to read more.

My kitchen smells amazing now and I sort of wish it would smell like this all the time!

The Last Of Summer

We love spending a lot of time outdoors in the warmer months. These last couple of weeks have been colder and so we were happy for a few days where it felt like summer again and we could go down to the river to play.

There were lots of minnows and good rocks to skip! And I’m happy to have found a good spot to harvest wild rose hips for winter. They’re high in Vitamin C so they’re great to add to tea to help ward off illnesses that happen in the colder months.


I made this yummy one-pot creamy shrimp and pasta dish but I didn’t write down the recipe as I went! Gasp! Now I wonder if I’ll be able to recreate it for all of you! It was delicious though, I can tell you that!


I hesitated in sharing this part of the update with you but I think it’s important to share about pregnancy loss so that others don’t feel alone in their journey. Plus it’s taken up a lot of my mental space which has prevented me from coming on here to post and share with you!

Over the last 8 weeks, I’ve experienced 2 losses. One was late in the first trimester and one was only a few days after getting a positive test result. These losses have rocked me to my core! We’ve never had trouble conceiving before so this came as quite the shock.

We are doing some digging to see what’s going on and hopefully will be welcoming a rainbow baby int he near future. Please keep us in your prayers as we head into unchartered territory!

Abundance Season

There is so much abundance all around me during this late summer/early fall season which is another reason I haven’t been around. I’ve been in the kitchen canning up all of the goodness I can before it’s gone. The apple/crabapple sauce I made using these deliciously crisp and tart apples we picked from a nearby property made the yummiest pink applesauce I’ve ever tasted!

We discovered a plum tree on our property but the plums were very small and there weren’t many on the tree because it’s so young. I picked what I could and made crabapple/plum butter that tastes so good on toast!

Do you do any canning? I feel like an old lady canning up my stuff but I don’t mind because nothing beats the flavour. I’m saving my canned peaches until my birthday in January; it’s going to be epic!

Skills Honing

My daughters are huge fans of the Narnia movies and my 7.5-year-old has read the whole book series. She likes it so much that she asked for a bow to learn how to shoot just like Susan. I told her that I would buy one for her 8th birthday, or she could save up her own money and buy it beforehand.

She asked for lots of extra jobs around the house and quickly saved the $90 she needed for the bow. They didn’t have pink so she settled on purple. Her form has greatly improved and her accuracy is excellent! She and Daddy like to spend time together outside doing this which I think is fantastic!

Old Dogs

Both of our dogs are somewhat old at 9 & 12 years old. They both needed to go to the vet for some routine maintenance. But our oldest needed to have some lumps removed and I had to stop her from rolling, scratching, and rubbing her face on the floor – for TWO WEEKS! She couldn’t wear a cone of shame because one of the surgery sites was on her neck.

She did surprisingly well at not rolling which was a relief. But she totally deserved this rolling back scratch when we got home from having her stitches removed! Look at that happy face!

The Vet said that she is in excellent health for a 12-year-old dog!

What’s Next?

What’s next at Janine’s Place is more of the same! Great recipes, information and support for homeschooling, tips on how to make your life easier, cool sewing projects that don’t cost a lot of money or take a lot of time, and soooo much more!

I’ll be working on more printables, and will soon be releasing my Solar System Unit Study Bundle. I need to work out some kinks in my store still so stay tuned.