Being new at homeschooling can be stressful. There are so many things that come up! Here are 5 things you should know as new homeschool mom so that you don’t completely lose your mind!

1. Bad Days

I sort of knew this going into being a homeschool family, but there will be bad days! When you’re kids don’t want to do the work you’ve planned, or people get sick and the whole house goes into disarray while everyone recovers and then before you know it a week has gone by and no school has happened.

All of that is normal, and you’re not a bad homeschool mom because your kids don’t want to, or can’t, do school for a day or two. But it can be hard not to feel like they’re missing a “school day” as if they were in school.

Try to remember that the beauty of homeschooling is that you can do things at your child’s own pace. You have the flexibility and freedom to make up those lost days any time! My kids wanted to do some school – on the weekend – so we did! Schooled kids wouldn’t be doing that!

2. Plans Change

Everyone has a plan in mind at the beginning of the homeschool year. But often times those plans change – and that’s okay! As the year progresses we learn what is working and what isn’t working, which child is more advanced than we thought, and which child needs to repeat a few concepts from the last term.

So we adjust our plan for the year to accommodate everyone’s needs! And that’s okay! Each year we learn things about how to plan for the year and each year changes will still need to be made. Homeshooling doesn’t follow and exact formula.

3. Great Rewards

The rewards you’ll reap as a homeschool mom are exponential! Nothing hits me in the feels as much as when the light bulb turns on for my children and I watch their brain literally make the connection when they understand a concept.

Their eyes light up and then they want to talk about what they’ve learned and teach you all about it. It’s amazing!

4. Personal Growth

Not only will your children be learning, but you as the mom and teacher will learn all kinds of new things about yourself. You will want to re-learning topics you previously didn’t care to know from when you were in school! Growth and learning is a lifelong pursuit! And it’s a good thing for your children to see you learning as well! It shows them that learning isn’t a goal, its life!

5. Naysayers

There will always be people in your life, close and not so close, that don’t understand why you homeschool. Maybe they don’t think you have enough education to be teaching your kids, or they think your kids will be socially awkward if they don’t go to public school, or they get triggered and think that your choice to homeschool is an attack on their personal choice to send their kids to public school.

Just know that you’ve done the research and have made the very personal decision to homeschool for good reasons. You know that there are resources to pull from if you ever feel like you need help, and your kids will thrive in your home learning environment! Often times people who don’t understand something will unknowingly make you feel like your choices are not valid, but that’s the thing – they just don’t know.

So keep it in your heart that you’ve made the best possible choice for your family and you are just what your kids need to learn and grow into amazing people!

What things did you learn from your first few years of homeschooling? What 5 things would you tell a new homeschool mom?