I think it’s pretty obvious that one person can’t possibly know all the things there are to know about homesteading. So I thought I would share my favourite homestead YouTubers with all of you since they’ve been so helpful for me along this crazy journey!

Some of them are just nice to watch and feel a sense of community with and some are more technical and have taught me a lot about farming regeneratively in a way that can be healing for the earth.

My Favourite Homestead YouTubers


ART and BRI is one of my favourite channels! They are a couple in their 30’s who bought a homestead 5 years ago and are working to create their dream homestead with their 5 children. They have a huge garden which is so inspirational! Their garden is my idea of a sanctuary and I aspire to have one as large and productive as theirs. On their farm, they keep a milk cow, goats, layer chickens, and pigs.

They also homeschool their children just like I do so I find that I relate to them a lot! I find their videos very realistic in that they don’t just share the good things. Through sharing their whole story they remain very relatable.

Visit ART and BRI here.

Richard Perkins

Richard Perkin’s channel follows his farm which is located in Sweden. I like watching his videos because he shares excellent technical knowledge about how to garden intensively, manage animals regneratively, and he loves to spend time in nature and with his family.

I appreciate his very Northern experience as a farmer because I’m Canadian and it shows me what can be done in even colder climates than my own. I try not to be jealous of those who live in zone 7-9, but it’s so hard! You guys really have the best of all worlds.

Visit Richard Perkins here.

Living Traditions Homestead

Living Traditions Homestead is where I learned a lot of my canning knowledge. Sarah explains things so well and in a way that anyone could understand when it comes to canning. Kevin is also an excellent teacher and has done many videos about butchering that I’ve found very helpful!

Their garden is beautiful; they grow for themselves as well as the farmer’s market. It’s nice to see their growing experience from a smaller homestead and market gardening perspective. It showed me that you don’t have to be a huge producer to bring your goods to the farmer’s market. They also start their own seeds from scratch!

Sarah has done many videos about keeping rabbits on their homestead. There is a whole series on everything you’d need to know to keep rabbits:

  • housing
  • breeding
  • butchering
  • feeding
  • pasturing

Visit Living Traditions Homesteading here.

Justin Rhodes

Justin Rhodes is a great channel to watch if you love great cinematography and don’t mind a few farming tips along the way. His channel has exploded over the last 2 years and he’s showing everyone what you can do if you have the right resources! I’m so happy for them to have reached such great success.

Their vidoes are very entertaining and my kids even love to watch them! Lots of great building videos, great information about cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep.

Visit Justin Rhodes here.

Urban Farmer Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone has been on Youtube for many years. He began his channel to teach people about urban farming on a professional level. I started watching his channel when we still lived in town and implemented many of his intensive gardening practices with great success!

You won’t run out of great content to watch and learn from if you visit his channel.

Visit Curtis Stone here.


I only recently started watching Talasbaun. They are located in Sweden and are completely off-grid, and not in the super technical sense. They do a lot of things without power at all or by hand and they live very modestly.

The cinematography in their videos is breathtaking and very relaxing to watch. They keep sheep and rabbits and I love to hear about their experiences.

Visit Talasbuan here.

The Kneady Homesteader

This channel is your go-to for canning information! She is a wealth of information about all things canning, and even about baking bread, too! She breaks down the process so that there isn’t any fear about messing anything up in your kitchen.

She has been on YouTube for years and has built up hundreds of great videos to help you along your canning journey.

Visit The Kneady Homesteader here.

There you go! This list could be much bigger, but I thought I would share only my most favourite homestead YouTubers so that you can watch and learn, too!

Who are your favourite homestead YouTubers?

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