Here on my blog, I talk a lot about things I DO that make me feel like I’m being successful in my life. I thought I would share with you my Don’t Do It List which is full of all of the things I DON’T do. I think these things also help me to be successful in my life.

Not doing these things either takes the pressure off of the kids and me, or they are things I should make more room for but just don’t have time in this stage of young and little kids. But I know that a different season will come and I’ll have time for some of these things again someday if they still feel important at that time.

My Don’t Do It List

Shower Daily

In this busy season of little and young children, I just don’t have time for a daily shower. I let being super clean go long ago and it was the best thing I could have done! At first, it felt weird, but now my skin and hair actually feel MUCH healthier not being washed and styled every day.

I don’t miss wrangling little children into the bathroom with some sort of activity to keep them busy while I shower either! Mine aren’t the type to sleep in and there’s no way I’m getting up at 5 am just to shower before the kids wake up. So I’ve let the daily shower go.

Make Beds

If you’ve been to my house you might have noticed the lack of bedmaking. It might be shocking to some that we don’t make beds! I don’t make beds because the kids often pull their covers off and make wonder forts that keep them busy using their imaginations for hours!

Sometimes the kids will make their beds – and MINE – because they feel inspired to do it! AMAZING! But I don’t go around enforcing hospital corner level perfection or that their stuffies be placed perfectly in their spot each morning.

Get My Hair Done

I used to be a die hard salon goer. Not so much now! I’m in a weird transition to accepting and rocking the greys that have come through these last few years. I always talked about how I would embrace them when they came and so I’m trying to stick to my word.

I’ve been cutting my own hair! Gasp! I use this technique that’s going around YouTube called the unicorn cut to cut my hair at home. Once I grew out my reverse angled bob it was easy to achieve this long layered look. I swear it doesn’t look like I cut my own hair!

Cutting my own hair and not bleaching it anymore saves so much time, energy, and money. Maybe one day I’ll get back into having a higher maintenance hair cut, but for now, it’s just not a priority.

Use Tissues

You’re probably thinking, “YIKES! This chick doesn’t use TISSUES!?” When my toddlers have been sick over the years I have no qualms about using the shirt they’re wearing to wipe the snot pouring from their faces. I’ve done this in a pinch when it’s close enough to bath time, when I’m too sick to get up and get a tissue, or when we’re out and there are no tissues in sight. And I don’t feel bad!

Keep My Van Clean

This item on my Don’t Do It List actually drives me crazy! My van is nowhere near as clean and tidy as I wish it were. But this just isn’t the season to make it a priority so I’m trying to let it go. Someday soon I’ll have a clean vehicle!

Fold Pjs

It seems like there is perpetually a load of laundry on my closet floor waiting to be folded. I sort out all of the Pjs and put them in a pile for my 7.5-year-old to put away. I don’t ask her to fold them though! Her job is to right side them out and put them away in the right person’s drawers.

If you’re a parent of little kids you know that they go through a crazy amount of Pjs each week. I just can’t be bothered trying to keep them all folded and put neatly away! They choose their own Pjs at bedtime and that often means that they rifle through their drawers unfolding things in the process. So I’ve let it go.

I don’t even make them wear matched sets!

Tidy The Mud Room

Gah! The mudroom! I gave up a while ago. It’s messy, I’m sorry. If you like a clean house please use my front door or totally ignore the madness that is my mudroom! Maybe one day, when we have time (LOL), my husband will build something beautiful to house all of the jackets and shoes. But for now, it’s a disaster!

Sometimes I pay the kids to clean it up!

Sweep After Each Meal

This one is simple – we have DOGS! Need I say more? They clean up all the dropped food off of the floor so that I don’t have to sweep after each meal! YAY! I do my regular sweeping and steam mopping in my regular cleaning rotation and that’s it!

Your Don’t Do It List

The purpose of sharing this personal list of things I don’t do I hope that you feel a bit better about the things you don’t do in your life! Hop on over to my Instagram or Facebook and share with me your Don’t Do It List so that we can all feel better about our own.

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