Planning out your meals isn’t exactly everybody’s idea of a fun time. BUT it can save you so much time and money to plan out your meals each week! And then you can use all that time and money for other things that ARE fun!

So why do I plan out my family’s meals on a weekly basis? There are two reasons…


First, I am lazy. I don’t like to scramble for what we’re going to eat each meal. I don’t want to have to open all the cupboards, fridge, and freezer and use my brain power to think of how I could combine what I have into a meal.

I also really don’t want to go to make something and discover that I don’t have the right ingredients which would mean that I have to go the store at the last minute with three kids!

So instead I plan out each meal which ensures that I have everything on hand. And I don’t have to use any brain power to make it! Which really comes in handy when the kids are tugging at my legs wanting food!


My second reason for meal planning is that I’m cheap. I don’t want to waste money on convenience foods, food waste, or expensive take-out options. We have a budget that we stick to because we have goals in mind and I don’t want to slow down our progress by wasting money on food!

When I go over my meal plan for the week I make sure that I am using all of the food I will purchase in the meals I’ve made and snacks for that week. Doing this means that there isn’t any waste!

I batch cook a lot of my meals during my batch cooking blocks so they’re pre-made and I budget for batch cooking days separately from my weekly budget. I use meals from my batch cooking days on days where I’m pressed for time, my husband will be in charge of mealtime, or I just don’t feel like cooking. Batch cooking can save you lots of money because you won’t eat out as much. You can also make use of items that are on sale by cooking them into meals and freezing them while they’re still fresh.

I write all of my meal plans in my fancy organizational tool – my notebook! Read more about my notebook and how it saves my sanity HERE.

Do you meal plan? If so, do you find that it makes your life easier?