I love creating materials for my kids to help them learn! My middle child is loving letters right now so I made this letter matching printable just for her! She doesn’t start kindergarten for another year but I’m following her lead and letting her have fun in the meantime!

To print this free letter matching printable make sure you have your printer settings set to print at 100% and in portrait, not landscape. Once you print it off cut along the light blue line all the way around.

If you have a laminator as I do, you can laminate it to make it last longer. I like that laminating it means that I can wipe it clean if sticky hands get ahold of it. Don’t worry if you don’t have one though because you can always print it onto card stock instead!

This printable serves a dual purpose since your child will also be able to work on finger dexterity and accuracy while using the clothespins to match the letters.

Letter Matching Printable!

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And if you’d like to expand on the learning fun you can purchase the full upper case and lower case printable in my printables shop here!

I bought my small clothes pins online or you can find them in major craft supply stores. I like the small ones because they’re easier for little hands to manipulate.

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Do your young kids like to use games in their homeschool day to help them learn? Would you like me to create a printable with your child in mind? Leave suggestions below!