Garlic is from the Allium plant species along with onions, shallots, and leeks. It is an ancient food that came from Asia and has been adapted to growing in almost all parts of the world.

Many people might wonder what the benefits are of eating garlic anyways, and how can you optimize the benefits of it? Here’s how…

What Are The Benefits?

When using garlic for its health benefits it is best to use it in its raw state. First, remove a clove from the blub and peel off the papery outer covering. Then you’ll want to use a muddler, like the kind you would use to make a fancy cocktail, or the blade of your knife flat on top of the garlic to press down on the clove with your hand to crush it. Crushing garlic releases the beneficial compound called Allicin which is thought to be health promoting.

Garlic is said to be beneficial for people in so many ways! Here are a few:

  • Promotes healthy blood pressure.
  • Cholesterol-lowering.
  • Fights illnesses like colds.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Can help in detoxification.

How To Use It

How can you incorporate more garlic into your diet? You can add garlic to many savory cooked dishes just by peeling a clove, crushing it, and adding it to your sauce, stir-fry, or other cooked meal. You can also use it raw by crushing it and adding it to salads for a spicy hit of flavour, in hummus, or as a garnish on your favourite veggie or meat burger like you would use raw onion.

If you’re using garlic to stay healthy during the winter months try this! Take one clove, peel and crush it, and then swallow it with a bit of water just like any other capsule you might take. It’s best to take it before a meal. If you don’t enjoy having the smell of garlic on your breath take it before a meal eaten at home rather than before you go out!

Raw garlic is said to be good for pets, too! You can add it to their food to help with things like parasites and for general health. My dogs have never refused a meal with garlic in it!

Does Quality Matter?

It’s important to source high-quality garlic from a grower that doesn’t use any harmful chemicals on their crops. Much of the garlic you see in the grocery store has been shipped in from overseas where they don’t have the same regulations as we do here. They often use bleach to remove traces of mold that can develop on the garlic if it isn’t stored properly with enough air circulation, which is common when the garlic has been shipped long distances.

How do you like to use garlic in your cooking? Do you use it for health reasons? Would you like information about how you can easily grow your own garlic to avoid buying garlic that has been shipped from overseas?


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