My kids have always loved sewing and crafting things with their hands. As an avid sewist myself I knew just what to put into my child’s sewing basket. But if you’re not the sewing type you might be wondering how to begin! In this post, I’ll share with you the items I put into their baskets and why they’re essential.

Kids Love Sewing

It’s true kids love sewing! They love the meditative quality of doing something repetitive like putting the needle in and out of the fabric, or repeating the same motion over and over while making bracelets to wear. My oldest likes to sew clothes for her dolls and enjoys picking fabrics and figuring out what she thinks looks good together.

They have full reign over how they will execute the idea they have in their heads. It’s really good for kids to be able to have free-reign over creative art projects like sewing and crafting. This will grow the creative side of their brains so that they are more balanced.

Sewing projects take commitment and ask children to stretch their attention spans. This is a good exercise for the young brain of a child. It will help them stick with tasks longer and see them through to the end knowing that the pay-off of a complete project feels amazing!

The Items In Your Child’s Sewing Basket

Embroidery Hoop and Fabric

A simple 8″ embroidery hoop with some plain white fabric is a great way to introduce young ones into the world of sewing. The older set can perfect different simple embroidery stitches and begin creating pictures on the fabric! Embroidery stitches are easy, it’s not the stitches that makes embroidery hard it’s sticking with the project to the end.

Check out this post all about the different beginner stitches you or your child could learn today!

Embroidery Thread

I gave this its own section because it can be used in a variety of ways. Embroidery thread has multiple strands of thread within it so it can be split and used as normal sewing thread, or kept together and used to make bracelets. It comes is every colour of the rainbow, is very affordable, and can be found in many stores.

Sewing Needles

You’ll want to stock your child’s sewing basket with a few different types of sewing needles depending on their age. Younger kids should only use a blunt-tipped needle called a tapestry needle. That way they don’t poke themselves too seriously. The older kids can use sharper needles that will be more accurate and easier to put through their fabric. I like to use a longer needle because they are easier to hold in a small hand and are more difficult to lose. Make sure you choose one with a large eye so that it’s easy for your child to thread the thread through.

Knitting Needles

For older children, knitting needles are essential items in the basket! Learning to knit is an amazing skill! It is a calming activity but it can also help kids learn math!

No really!

Knitting can be easy to start off with by learning only the knit stitch and then more stitches can be added as you go. Following patterns can be introduced later. For now, if your child makes lots scarves for their dolls and dogs then that’s perfect! Learning the control it takes to produce an even stitch while making a scarf is great practice and will give them the chance to develop their finger dexterity.


Having lots of different thicknesses of yarn in a few different colours in your child’s sewing basket is a good idea. This way they can use it to knit, to make bracelets, or for any number of tasks.


Fabric is one of the most important items in the whole basket and the most fun! Picking fabric is ever sewists greatest pleasure! Kids love to go to the store and out their own fabric, too. In the beginning, have only 2-3 different fabrics should be sufficient. Then they can add fabrics as they see them at thrift stores, or you can raid your fabric stash and really make their day!


For younger children, you would obviously not want to put scissors into their sewing basket that are too sharp. But for older children, it is actually safer to put a fresh pair of scissors that are only for fabric and thread into their basket. It’s just like when you’re using a knife in the kitchen. The saying goes, “a sharp knife is a safe knife” and this is because a dull knife won’t cut as accurately and easily and could slip and cut you. The same is true for sewing scissors. You want the scissors to be nice and sharp so that your child isn’t struggling to cut something and then the scissors slip and they cut themselves or the scissors jab into something.

Disclaimer: Please supervise all children under 8 while using sewing supplies.

Okay, let’s keep going!

Ribbons, Buttons, and Lace

No sewing basket is complete without ribbons, buttons, and lace! I like to go to the thrift store for these items because you can often find all of these items in one bag packaged all together for a dollar or two. When we’re in the thrift store my oldest likes to use her own money to buy these bags to help re-stock her sewing basket.

Optional items:

  • seam ripper
  • measuring tape
  • safety pins
  • crochet hook
  • basic sewing patterns
  • beginner instructional books

The key is to just let your child take the reigns and let them create whatever they want. Stay closeby to supervise and to be there in case they need help. Otherwise, sit back and watch how creative your child can be and enjoy!

If you want to learn to sew or need some good beginner project for your older children, check out the sewing section of my blog! There are lots of posts with detailed instructions on how you can get started learning how to sew.

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