I love being able to grab a couple of relatively small pieces of fabric and creating a simple skirt for one of my girls in no time! This project is a fast one and should only take you 30 mins or less to sew a simple skirt.

You can buy brand new fabric or you can head to the thrift store to find something to re-purpose. That’s what I did for this project. I saw this cotton linen scarf and thought it would make a cute skirt!

You don’t need many supplies to create this project either. I chose to serge the edges of my fabric but that’s completely unnecessary! You can just zig-zag along your rough edges to finish them instead.


  • 1-2″ wide elastic
  • Fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine
  • Serger (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Thread

Step One. Figure out your child’s measurements. You’ll need to measure their waist and the finished length you’d like the skirt to be. I measured from her waist to just above her knees.

Then you’ll want to add 4″ to the waist measurement to give enough room to form a good gather in the skirt. Then add 2.5″ to the length of the skirt to allow for hemming and the elastic waist casing.

Step Two. Cut out two rectangles based on the measurements you’ve taken above. Mine looked like this!

Step Three. Pin the sides together and sew along the edges. Then turn down the waist and iron flat in preparation to sew the elastic casing.

I serged the edges of my fabric so I didn’t need to turn the raw edge in first. But if you don’t have a serger just turn the raw edge in, iron flat and then turn the elastic casing in and iron flat in preparation to sew.

I didn’t need to hem the bottom of the skirt because I utilized the existing hem from the scarf.


When you’re sewing around the waist make sure you leave a couple of inches open to insert the elastic into the casing. You’ll close up this opening in a bit!

Step Four. Insert your elastic into the waist casing and sew the ends together by overlapping them. Sew two lines on the elastic to hold it secure.

Step Five. Close the opening you previously left in the waist casing.


You have a simple to sew skirt in no time flat!

Do you like to create simple projects for your kids? What are your favourites? Would you like to see any specific tutorials on my blog?

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