I love going to the thrift store and finding items that could be combined together to make something even better! I saw this posted on Pinterest somewhere and decided to take the challenge myself to sew a cool top!

I found the perfect match in this jean shirt that has seen better days and this beautiful floral scarf! Make sure you pick a scarf that can wrap all the way around your body at your bust and then some. Mine wrapped around one and a half times.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • shirt
  • scarf

Step One. Cut the arms off of your shirt to a length that you’re comfortable with. I liked the idea of a cap sleeve to keep the sun off of the tender part of shoulders in the summer. Then cut off the bottom of the shirt just above the top of your breasts. But make sure you leave the buttons intact down the front of the shirt, as well as the armpit stitching so that you have something to attach the scarf to in the next step.

Step Two. Turn your stitch length up to the longest stitch on your machine and increase the tension. This will give you a gathered stitch to gather the fabric of the scarf. You might need to pull one of the threads to gather it more if it’s still too large.

Step Three. Pin the scarf to the shirt start at the buttons and working your way around. You’ll have to fiddle with the gathers a bit to make it fit right.

Step Four. Top stitch along the jean fabric to attach the scarf. I chose to top stitch because the jean fabric will fray a bit and give it a nice unfinished look.


You’ve made yourself a one-of-a-kind shirt that no one else will have! I’m going to use the rest of the bottom of the shirt to make a skirt for one of my daughters, and the sleeve pieces to make a stuffed whale! No waste here!

The best part is that it only took me 30 mins to sew a cool top!

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