Making the choice to homeschool isn’t one that can be made solely on your desire to homeschool. There are a lot of things to think about, but most importantly – how to afford homeschooling your children.

I’m not talking about the cost of curriculum in this post, because there are many ways to homeschool on the cheap without spending thousands on curriculum each year. But instead, I want to focus on how your lifestyle may need to adjust when you decide to homeschool.

Making adjustments can take some getting used to but they don’t have to feel painful! If homeschooling is on your heart to do then these suggestions will seem like necessary and easy steps towards your goals.

Cut Expenses

Cutting unnecessary expenses is an excellent first step in reigning in your budget. There are many things we pay for each month that we could do without. Start by making a list of your bills and all of your purchases. Is there anything on the list you could cut? Maybe you don’t need that Netflix membership, gym membership, monthly nail fills, or cleaning services? These things might need to take a backstage for now!

Split Work Hours

Do you have a partner who also works? Is it possible to get onto a schedule where you work opposite shifts? This could mean that one of you is always home with the kids. If you’re both on board with the idea, you could also split the homeschooling duties so that neither partner has it all on their plate. Or one partner can manage the household duties while the other homeschools. Splitting work hours and homeschooling could be a solution for some!

Get Rid Of Debt

Do you have debt? Most people do! Getting rid of it can free up enough income to make it possible for one person to leave their job in some cases. Take a look at your situation. Do you have a couple of cars you’re currently paying on? Would you be able to sell them and buy older cars for cash which would eliminate your payments? Driving an older car isn’t for everyone, especially if you have a long commute. But for the parent staying home with the kids perhaps a slightly older, but still reliable, car is a doable solution.

Could you downsize your home to downsize your mortgage payments? Or can you pay off your mortgage so that you won’t have those monthly payments to make? Some people might have some inheritance or savings sitting in an account that could go towards paying off their mortgage faster. Are there any ways you could pay off your mortgage faster?

Using Savings Sites

There are so many savings sites and apps out there now. I like to use Ebates to do my online shopping. Pretty much every store you can think of it offered through Ebates – even Amazon! Ebates can give you up to 6% cash back on all of your purchases! That’s big money that can add up over the year. If you buy all of your household items through Amazon Prime where you get free shipping and then you get your cash back through Ebates then you’re really ahead of the game!

If you’re interested in signing up for Ebates here is the link to their website.

Cut The Junk

Is there a lot of junk in your life? Junk comes in many forms. Household clutter can take up time and space. Look around, do you see anything in your home that you could sell in order to make some extra money? Or maybe you eat out at the drive through a lot because you’re pressed for time? Cooking at home is SO MUCH cheaper!

Or maybe you buy a coffee every day? Become your own barista and make coffee at home! (Side note: I didn’t know how to make coffee until I was in my early 30s!) All of these little expenses add up to a big chunk of change at the end of the month. That chunk of change could go to paying bills instead and could help you fulfill your dream of staying home to homeschool your kids!

Ask For Help

Are you blessed to have close family who would help you with a few free childcare hours each week? If so, this could mean that one partner could still work part-time to help with expenses. Those who are REALLY lucky would have a family member who sees the benefits of homeschooling and might even offer to help cover a few topics while caring for your kids. Or maybe they would take them on homeschool field trips!


This last one is dramatic! But, if homeschool is on your heart BIG TIME then you could consider moving to a more affordable area. This might mean that you could live mortgage free, or have a lower cost of living. Or maybe moving would mean that the working partner could get a higher paying job to help with expenses.

The decision to move is never an easy one, but it could be one that provides your family with an opportunity you wouldn’t have had otherwise!

And, just because I want more people to be able to afford to homeschool, I created this free counting printable for you! Let your little ones explore counting by putting beads on the colourful flower stems! Fill out the form below and I will send you it for free!

I use this laminator to laminate all of the printables I use with my kids so that they last for years! 

What do you do to save money so that you can homeschool your children?