The thought of homeschooling can be overwhelming for some when they think about the high school years. In this post, I want to talk about why committing to homeschooling just for elementary years could be the answer you’re looking for.

When most people are considering homeschooling their minds jump to when all of their children (born or planned for the future) are all in high school. They wonder how they could ever be qualified enough or patient enough to homeschool high school-aged kids. Parents wonder how they will foster their older children’s love of learning and raise them to be productive members of society in their chosen vocation post-homeschool.

But could homeschooling for just elementary be the solution?

Having a two or three, or even more, little kids in the house can sound overwhelming, too. But there are lots of reasons why keeping your children home and homeschooling them while they’re little can be very beneficial!

Here are a few!


Many parents initially consider homeschooling because they want more time with their children. Many top professionals agree that forming a close bond while your children are young will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Studies show that children with healthy and strong bonds to their parents have more emotional and mental wellbeing and often are better performers academically.

Children who go to a school environment spend the day with peers their own age. This can be tricky because you’re placing your child in an environment with a large group of similarly immature children and expecting them to learn about how to interact with each other and others in the community from children who have no idea how it’s done.

Keeping your child home to homeschool just for elementary will give them that mature role model they need in you and they will learn how to be an effective member of society.

Going At Their Pace

Another reason many consider homeschooling is because some younger children don’t show signs that they are ready for a structured school environment at the same age as other children.

Homeschooling just for elementary can give you as the parent more flexibility to follow your child’s lead. This will mean that your child is less frustrated and remains excited to learn in their own capacity and at their own pace.

Studies show that many homeschooled children who get a slow start will actually catch up to and sometimes surpass their peers in their level of learning by the time they reach Grade 3.

Fostering a healthy love of learning is something that can be more easily nurtured in a home environment.

More Time For Play

Children who are in school are expected to sit for long periods of time throughout the day with relatively short breaks to stretch their legs. Parents who choose to homeschool have made the choice so that their children can get more time to play since they aren’t bogged down with busy work or need to adhere to a certain schedule.

Unstructured, uninterrupted, free-play is essential for healthy child development. Most of childhood, up to age 7, is spent in a learn-by-playing state of mind. Homeschooling just for elementary gives your child that much-needed freedom to play.

All or nothing?

The decision to homeschool isn’t one that should be made without doing some research. But know that it’s not a decision you have to commit to for your child’s entire academic life.

Many families choose the path of homeschooling just for elementary so that they have laid a solid foundation under their children. This way, their children are better set up to be successful in the public or private school environment when their mental maturity is more able to properly handle it.

As children get older the part of their brains that control reasoning has matured making it easier for the child to learn academically. But it also makes it easier for the child to form positive friendships with peers and constructive relationships with their teachers.

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering homeschooling but find yourself absolutely freaked out about homeschooling 2, 3, or more children for their high school years then maybe homeschooling just for elementary is a good fit for your family.

You’ll still see incredible benefits for your child and you both will form a lovely bond that will last a lifetime!

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