This post is for the women in the crowd, which I’m sure most of you are! I wanted to take a minute to post about something that I think is of the upmost importance. CARING ABOUT OURSLEVES. It’s something that MANY women struggle with at various points in their lives.

Lots of women struggle with this aspect during the years when they have babies and little kids around. I know I do! Not that you need it, but I’m giving you permission to care about yourself. What do I mean by that?

It’s really not a big thing that I’m talking about. I don’t mean that you need to go see a therapist (unless you want to) or even that you need to take a shower (but you should because we all feel better after a shower.) What I mean is that you need to find something that makes you feel like you’ve expressed that part of you that makes you YOU on a regular basis. And this thing has to be outside of your regular mom and work duties.

These things could include:

  • Going to the gym.
  • Attending a monthly craft night.
  • Working on a book idea you’ve always wanted to write.
  • Volunteering with an animal shelter or rescue on a regular basis.
  • Going on a yearly girl’s overnight trip with your group of friends somewhere nearby.
  • Making a space in your home more beautiful.
  • Going for regular hikes in nature.
  • Training for a marathon.
  • Learning a new skill like photography or website design.
  • Joining a women’s church group.
  • Going dancing with your partner. (Think salsa or the waltz not the club 😉 .)

All of these things are things that fill up our cup. If we don’t take the time to do the things that bring us joy we won’t have any joy to share with others. Studies actually show that being under chronic stress is one of the worst things you can do for your health.

But so often we feel like we need to ask someone’s permission to do the things that fill up our cup. Whether that’s asking for your children to be patient with a new caregiver so that you can leave without them, or asking a partner to take on more household duties to make room for you to pursue your passions.

We need to remember that when there are changes to our routine things feel awkward at first, but there’s no need to apologize for the shake-up! Everyone will adjust and eventually, everyone will be happier because you’re happier and feel more fulfilled.

So write on your calendar when you need to go do something that fills up your cup like it’s a doctor’s appointment. You wouldn’t skip out on that, would you? Doing things that care for us is just as important as that doctor’s appointment.

What do you enjoy doing that is just for you? Do you struggle with guilt over taking time for yourself during a season where there are so many demands on your time and heart?