My daughter received a lot of fabric as a gift for the holidays this past year. She’s been really into sewing by hand and she wanted to learn how to use the machine instead. So I sifted through my patterns for easy ones for her to start with. Since it’s winter here she suggested a DIY heat buddy to warm up in the microwave after being outside. I thought it was a great idea since our microwave doesn’t get used enough!

I didn’t have a pattern to give to her to make this DIY heat buddy so I made one up for her to use. In this post, I thought I would share the pattern I created and show you how to make one for your child. It’s a great beginner pattern for a new sewist to make. So if you have a child who’s interested in sewing this could be a great project!

Things You’ll Need For Your DIY Heat Buddy

  • 2 cotton 10″x10” pieces of fabric for the owl’s body
  • scraps of cotton fabric for the eyes and nose
  • thread
  • scissors
  • 2 cups whole flax seeds or white rice (don’t use brown rice because it can get funky fast.)
  • printed pattern

The Process

The first step is to print the pattern from my blog for free here:


Next, you’ll trace out all of the pieces of the owl onto your chosen fabrics. Cut out those pieces and set aside one of the owl pieces; the one you’d like on the back.

Take the piece you’d like to use for the front and begin to sew the eye and nose pieces onto the body piece. Make sure to pin them in place so that they don’t move.

Once you have the eye and nose pieces sewn onto the front body pieces you can sew the body pieces together. This pattern calls for you to put the body pieces wrong wides together. Most patterns want you to put the right sides together, but I liked how it gave the owl a scruffy feathery look and it’s much easier for a beginner. Pin the pieces together.

Mark a 2′ wide gap on the bottom of the owl, like this.

These will be your starting and ending points when you’re sewing the body together. You need to leave the gap so that you can fill it with the flax or rice you’ve chosen as filler. Only fill your owl buddy about 2/3s of the way. Make sure you backstitch at the beginning and the end of your owl or it will come apart when you go to fill it.

Once you’ve sewn around the body you can fill your owl. Once filled you’ll need to close the hole you left for filling it either by hand or by carefully by machine.

All Set!

Now you have a cute DYI heat buddy to warm you up when you’re cold or help relieve any pain you might have. You can even put it in the freezer to use as an ice pack! You’ll have to play around with your own microwave settings to get the right amount of heat. We put ours in for 45 seconds on high and it heats it up perfectly. Make sure you use cotton fabric to make this heat buddy because synthetic fibers could melt in the microwave and cause burns.