I am so so so happy to have had the chance to use the curriculum that IXL Learning provides in our homeschool this year. I am a HUGE fan of personalized self-directed and self-paced learning and IXL Learning is great for that. Your child can advance or repeat as necessary until they comprehend what they’re learning.

It’s also an amazing way to keep track of whether or not your child is at grade level with their learning. IXL Learning is an integrated system where you can input the Province you live, that way it aligns the lessons your child needs to keep up to their peers. We used the IXL Annual Membership for my school-aged children.

With the membership, you get access to Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. A wide variety of topics are covered! Unfortunately the Canadian version only covers Math and LA.

How did we use IXL Learning?

My oldest two used the program for this year since my youngest is only 18 months old. My oldest is in Grade One and my middle is in Jr. Kindergarten. Provincially we don’t have Jr. Kindergarten available so my middle used the program as a fun way to be introduced to math.

The graphics in the program are simple and not overwhelming for a small child which I really loved since we’re generally a pretty low-tech family. At least for the kids! I’m regularly immersed in the tech world! Probably a little too much!

IXL gives you recommendations, too, in case you don’t know where to start or are new to homeschooling. A very handy tool!

My oldest is advanced in her math skills so I liked that she could advance as needed to keep her interested in her learning. The list of items you can touch on in your learning is so extensive. You won’t feel like you’ve missed anything using IXL’s program.

Here is a snapshot of part of the list of things they cover in the Grade One program.

Eventually, we moved on to some of the topics in the Grade Two program because she was ready. My absolute favourite part of online curriculums like IXL’s program is that you can advance as you need to and you aren’t wasting money or time on things that don’t make sense for your child.

If we had purchased a paper curriculum there would be lots of wasted pages of the things she didn’t need to use. Or if your child needs to repeat some concepts a few times then you can easily go in and do them again.

More good stuff!

I peeked into the English Language Arts section to see what they have to offer, even though we’ve chosen a different curriculum for that subject this year, and I was happy to discover that it covers LA in great detail just like their math program! If online learning is your preference definitely give IXL Learning a chance!

I would definitely use this program again in the future! If you’d like to read more reviews on this program click the image below and it will take you to a blog post with lots of reviews! Don’t just take my word for it. 🙂

What programs do you use for math and why do you like them? Do you like online curriculum or in real life books?

Immersive, Adaptive Learning Online {IXL Learning Reviews}
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