I’m so excited to be adding a culinary herb garden to our property this year! I can’t live without using herbs in my cooking so it only makes sense to grow them myself since I have space.

In a previous post, I talked about the herbs I will be growing in my garden that I like to use in my teas. If you’d like to read about those check out the post here!

These are the culinary herbs I will grow in my garden:


Thyme is a staple on my herb shelf! I use thyme in savory dishes. I like that it grows so abundantly, and like most herbs in poor soil! I like a plant that can grow easily without much love from me. It’s more likely to survive that way.

Some people are even using thyme as an alternative to their regular lawns. It’s a low growing plant that spreads out quickly! You can cut it periodically to neaten it up which smells lovely while you’re cutting it!


Oregano is a versatile herb that I most often use in savory dishes and tomato sauces. It is a low bushy plant that grows easily without much care. You can cut back the whole plant pretty close to the ground and it will grow back in no time flat!

I like to harvest from the oregano plant two times per year and dry the herb hung upside down. Then I remove the leaves and store in mason jars on my herb shelf. It can keep for 2 years this way if it’s kept out of direct sunlight!


Rosemary used to scare me! It was a strong flavour I didn’t like while growing up! But, as an adult, I’ve grown to like it’s strong and unique flavour. I like to use it in savory dishes and particularly with pork dishes.

The rosemary plant is a taller bushy plant that also likes to grow in poor conditions. You use only the pine needle-like part of the plant and discard the somewhat woody stem before using it.


Basil is a classic herb that I think most people use in their cooking! It’s such a fresh flavour! Basil isn’t a perennial herb where I live so I have to start again each year with new plants.

I like to use basil in sauces and pesto to add yummy flavour. If I have enough extra I do dry basil like you would other herbs, but often we’ve used it all up before it can be dried.


Tarragon is an herb that not many people use regularly in their cooking. It is similar to other herbs and I think it gets forgotten! Tarragon is a small plant with tiny long and narrow leaves on it.

This unconventional herb is nice fresh in salads and pairs well with chicken dishes!

What herbs do you grow in your garden? Do you like to have fresh herbs in your garden for cooking or do you like to keep them dried?