I like to eat BIG salads! I mean, sometimes I use a mixing bowl to eat them because we don’t have bowls big enough! And black bean taco salad is my favourite!

Something about all of the colours of the vegetables used in a taco salad makes me happy. Especially in the winter!

But, why such a big salad anyway? Well, little salads aren’t filling and I want to feel full and nourished when I’ve eaten a meal.  Another benefit is that you get loads of good fiber to help with good digestion. And don’t forget all of the nutrients you’re body will benefit from when you have lots of raw vegetables.

I like to use black beans instead of meat in my salad since they have more protein than even beef does and they’re creamy which adds to the smoothness of the dressing I use. I season my beans with my Taco Spice mix once they’ve been cooked in the Instant Pot. The beans take as long to cook as it takes me to prepare the other ingredients!

You can get the recipe for my Taco Spice mix in the box that popped up in the corner. It’s ok if you missed it you can always click back and it will pop up again!


-4 cups mixed salad greens

– ½ Cup of red bell pepper chopped

– 1/8 cup cooked corn

– 1 small tomato chopped

– 1/8 cup chopped red onion

– a few handfuls of tortilla chips crushed by hand

– 1 cup pre-cooked and seasoned black beans

For the dressing, I use the recipe over at Hot For Food because it’s ah-mazing and dairy free, but you can’t even tell!


Put all the salad greens into a bowl and use a pair of kitchen shears to lightly chop the greens a little bit. I find having large chunks of greens in a salad makes the other ingredients fall to the bottom instead of being eaten as I go.

Then add the other ingredients, top with dressing and then toss and eat!

Do you like big salads? What kind of salad if your favourite?

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