Homeschool mom burnout is a very real thing! We’re not superhumans who have this ever-patient ability to homeschool, parent, take care of the house, work (some of us do), and care for all of the other things in life without needing to recharge sometimes. We’re just like everybody else!

Here are 8 self-care tips for homeschool moms so that you can be the best you that you can be for your children in their education.

Get Up Early

This one will be tricky for the mama with babies or toddlers AND older kids they need to homeschool. But, hear me out…

Getting up early has so many benefits! The best being that you can have a minute to pray/meditate on your own so that you can start your day grounded and with your heart in the right place.

Coming in close second, is that getting up early means that you can drink your coffee, tea, fresh juice, or lemon water ALL ALONE. And my goodness, that is ah-mazing!

Be Realistic With Your Schedule

Being realistic with your schedule and not overbooking yourself is essential! I don’t know about you, but part of the reason we chose to homeschool is because I like the slower pace. So I don’t over schedule us with too many extra-curriculars, trips, day camps, or get-togethers. That way we have room to breathe.

Take Breaks

It important to schedule in periods where you take breaks in your schedule to allow for both you and your kids to get a break from school. Even if you practice child-lead learning or unschooling its important that you take the pressure off of yourself and take a mental break every once in a while.

We school all year so that when we want to take a day to lounge, be sick, or go to the beach then we can!

Take A Trip

This one will be hard for the mama of babies or toddlers, too. But taking a weekend getaway can feel very refreshing! I have a family member whose husband takes their four kids on a Dad’s homeschool camping trip each summer for a week! Isn’t that amazing! Hats off to you, Peter!

It doesn’t have to be a week long, but even just an overnight trip away with your close friends could be just what you need to feel refreshed.

When the family comes back together mom will feel refreshed and will have a new energy for homeschooling!

Connect With Your Partner

Moms are a crazy species. We have this amazing ability to juggle 500 balls at once! But sometimes we need to put them down and spend some downtime with our partner. Spending time with your partner connecting and doing something you both enjoy can feed your soul in ways that really matter.

If you chronically put your relationship on the back burner it will start to show. Pick one day/night a month to go on a date or do something together just for the two of you! It’s also crucial to still date your partner long after you’ve put a ring on it. Do nice things for each other every day just like you did when you were dating. Daily acts of love remind your partner that you still love them!


Getting good sleep can make or break our health! Going to bed early can be just the thing you need to feel more level headed the next day. Make sure you have a calm and quiet environment beforehand so that your body knows that it’s time to go to sleep.

Once in bed close your eyes and do some deep breathing and think about all of the things you are thankful for from that day.

Eat Well

Eating well looks different for different people. But, generally speaking, avoiding junk and processed foods on any diet is a good thing. Make sure you’re fuelling your body with good whole foods in as natural a state as possible.

This will mean some cooking from scratch needs to happen. But cooking as a family can be a great homeschool activity! It teaches many things about math, reasoning, and life skills. Make sure you drink lots of water, too!

If you need some recipe inspiration I have lots of ideas using fresh real foods here.

Get Some Exercise!

Haha! This one is sort of funny. Do homeschool moms ever really sit? We don’t. But we also need to get our bodies moving just slightly more than our regular fast pace. Incorporating some weights into your workout routine can be very beneficial!

It’s proven that exercise can elevate mood and have a positive impact on your mental health. Another benefit is that you’ll be able to keep up with even your teenagers! If you’re waking up early then working out first thing can be part of your alone time, too.

What do you do each day to take care of yourself?