Early in the growing season, there isn’t much on the menu. In this post, I’ll share with you 5 quick-growing foods you can grow yourself to help get food on your plate fast!

Spring is an exciting time when the weather warms a bit and we can get out and get our hands dirty in the garden. But sometimes it feels like forever from that first warm day until the time you can eat from your garden. These 5 quick growing foods will ensure that the wait is MUCH shorter. Here they are!

5 Quick-Growing Foods You Can Grow Yourself!


Spinach is a quick-growing food that grows well in most soils. You can plant it early when the weather is still cool since it’s also a cold-hardy crop. Spinach seeds are easy to find at any store that carries garden supplies, so no need to order through a special company.

You can plant spinach a week before your last frost date since it doesn’t mind the cold. This plant is a cut and come again variety which means you don’t need to harvest the whole plant in order to eat it. Just cut off the leaves you need and then come back for more next time! Spinach only takes about 42 days to mature, which means you’ll have food on your table in no time.


Kale is another amazing cold-hearty crop that you can plant just before your last frost date. Kale can also be cut from and left to grow more leaves all throughout the season. By the time it gets too hot for kale the other foods you’ve planted will be in full swing. Some varieties only take about 55 days to mature!

Make use of your abundant kale harvest while you can and freeze or dehydrate kale leaves for use in the warmer months or through the winter. Kale can also be planted again in the fall for a winter crop that will last you through the winter. If you’re in the North you’ll need some plastic to cover your kale, but if you’re in the South just dust off that frost and eat away!


Radishes are something that not a lot of people eat these days. But radishes grow so quickly that you just can’t leave them out of your early spring planting plan! In only 28 days you could be eating from your garden if you choose to plant radishes!

These tiny red wonders make an excellent addition to any salad when grated on top. It adds a lovely peppery and spicy flavour! Plant radish on your last frost date and be amazed at how quickly they grow!


These red wonders will grow in just 42 days for some varieties! Both the root and the tops can be eaten from a beet plant making it a double whammy. Beet plants are really high in potassium, higher than a banana! Plant beets the same time you’d plant your radishes on your last frost date.

Beets are picky about soil quality, but it’s a good idea to add compost to your entire garden each season to replenish the nutrients that have been lost.

Salad Greens

Some stores carry mixed baby salad green varieties on their shelves. These greens are quick growing and add more flavour than iceberg lettuce can. I like these varieties because they are a cut and come again crop, where you seed once and harvest for a month afterward.

Plant salad greens a week or two after your last frost since they aren’t cold-hearty. But once you plant you can expect to eat from your greens in just 25-30 days!

Go plant!

The varieties of crops listed above are great for a beginner gardener since they grow without much fuss. Dig in and get your hands dirty! We can all do our part to eat local and provide nutritious food for our families!

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