I LOVE sewing things for my kids! Like, love it! If I could sew things for them all day I would. I love it THAT much! But its always nice to have some projects in mind to make for yourself, too!

In this post, I put together a list of 5 projects to make for yourself instead of always making things for other people! Sometimes we forget about ourselves.

1. Market Backpack

This market backpack is so pretty, and practical, too! The supplies can easily be found at the hardware store and the thrift store. I would upcycle leather from a jacket or pair of pants for this project.

2. Slippers

These slippers are the perfect pairing of upcycled leather and crochet. The crochet skills needed for this project are beginner level, so anyone could make them! They’re so pretty! Almost too pretty for your feet!

3. Tank Top

This is another men’s dress shirt refashion that would be great for YOU this time. Transform a men’s dress shirt into a breezy tank top to add to your wardrobe this summer!

4. Shorts

These shorts would be great to wear at the beach to cover up, or around the house to be comfy. Sewing pants or shorts seems intimidating at first but once you’ve sewn a pair it seems easy!

5. Oven Mits

I like this style of oven mitt because it’s easier to slip your hands in and out of in a hurry. The full oven mitt style ones always take two hands and that often means I have to wash my hands before using them! Sewing your own means that you can choose a fabric that goes with your decor, too!

I hope you enjoyed this list of projects to make for yourself! What sewing projects do you have on your list right now?