There are so many myths out there about homeschooling and I thought it would be fun to debunk those homeschool myths for you here!

These homeschool myths might deter some people from homeschooling their own children because they feel inadequate or feel like it might be too much work.

Myth #1

I Must Be A Super Smart Person To Teach My Kids

There is this perception that you, as a parent, have to be super smart in order to teach your children. Let me assure you that no University Degree is needed to teach your children! There is some data out there that suggests that it’s not the level of education the parent receives that dictates the child’s success, but rather the parent’s level of dedication to their child’s learning that does.

Are you a natural learner yourself? Do you enjoy seeing tasks through to completion? Do you like to see your child’s learning light bulb turn on when they get something? All of these characteristics as a parent will help you succeed in homeschooling them far better than any degree you have.

Myth #2

It’s Too Expensive

It’s true that homeschooling does have costs associated with it. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive. There are many homeschool families who use free curriculums and frequent their local libraries for resource books instead of purchasing them. There are also many free activities in your community that could provide your child with a learning experience without any big fees involved.

After all, public school comes with its own expenses. Things like field trips, fundraising, school supplies, special school clothes, lunches that go uneaten, and teacher gifts are all out of pocket expenses that parents are expected to cover.

The biggest expense in homeschooling your children is having one parent who either doesn’t work at all or who only works part-time in order to have the time to homeschool. Every family is different, but if you can, look at your priorities and see where you can make cuts to your budget you might find that having a parent stay home is more affordable than you originally thought!

If you need ideas on jobs that you could do from home so that you can homeschool your kids check out this post I recently wrote all about that!

Myth #3

I Must Be Super Mom

This homeschool myth is crazy talk! Homeschool moms aren’t Super Moms! We’re just regular moms who have a passion for homeschool who like to be closely involved in their child’s learning. I don’t possess some sort of superpower that makes me any more patient, kind, caring, organized, smart, or able to multitask than the average mom.

Anything I can do, you can, too! If you’re considering homeschooling because it intrigues you and you feel called to try it out – GO FOR IT! You might struggle a bit at first, and you might struggle a bit along the way – we all do – but you will find your groove and things will smooth out and you and your children will love it!

Myth #4

They Won’t Get Into College/University

This is a big myth that I hear a lot… How will they get into college if they didn’t go to school? Well, there are lots of ways a homeschooled child can attend college!

  1. Apply directly to colleges and universities without a GED or high school diploma.
  2. Take their GED and apple to colleges and universities.
  3. Attend public high school for their senior year and then apply to colleges and universities using their highschool diploma.

Any of these options are completely fine! Colleges and universities actually seek out homeschooled children and love to see homeschool experience on applications. They say children who are homeschooled are more dedicated learners and are more confident in their choice of subject to study. This is because they’ve always followed an interest lead learning style and are used to directing their own learning and take the initiative to do the work.

Myth #5

I Must Be Super Patient

Pssht, please! I’m a human being. We all have times where we lose patience! If someone tells you otherwise they’re lying! Homeschooling doesn’t take any more patience than public schooling. Actually, when I think about the patience I would need to deal with the early mornings, hours of homework, last-minute field trip money being due, not being able to find a child’s gym shoes, and all that stuff that goes along with public school I sort of want to cringe! That sounds like a lot of work!

When you homeschool you set the rules and your kids know what to expect. As you get into a groove there are fewer question marks about how your days/weeks will go and things become more enjoyable. Plus it’s amazing to be able to be flexible and do the activities and things that you find enjoyable. There is so much more time for JOY when you homeschool that you and your child’s cup will be so full that the entire mood shifts in your house!

Don’t let your perception of how patient you will be in the future get in the way of your choice to homeschool. Chances are you’ll surprise yourself!

The Take-Away?

All of these homeschool myths are easy for the average person to assume! But homeschooled children and parents are happy and well-adjusted people who love learning and are completely normal human beings! Mostly. 😉